Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I suppose you have seen "Prop 8: The Musical," yeah? Back in November, I bitched and moaned enough about Prop 8 passing that a few of my friends saw fit to send me the link for that clip.


DO NOT GET ME WRONG: I like that they made that sketch because their hearts are in the right place and they point out some very true, important things. BUT they also did it with some shit I am so sick of it made me want to scream:

The tired "flaming gay guy in tiny gym shorts" stereotype...

The "what if a community theater group made it into A MUSICAL???" construct...

And the idea that John C. Reilly is even remotely funny. (Will somebody PLEASE make that man go back to drama? Jeez Louise.)

Anyway, it felt kind of safe to me. And, well, it didn't make me laugh. So I immediately re-watched the Paul F. Tompkins clip below. It's a spot-on take on gay marriage and the absurdity of religion from the hands-down Funniest Person Alive.


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rustyboy said...

Paul Tomkins makes me pee myself.

As does my lack of bladder control.