Monday, September 29, 2008


"If Jesus came back and saw what's going on in his name, he'd never stop throwing up." - Frederick (Max Von Sydow), Hannah and Her Sisters

There are a bunch of important initiatives on the California ballot this November, but today I am going to post about one in particular: Prop 8.

I'm paraphrasing here, but what Prop 8 basically says is: "Oh, you're gay? Fuck you."

OK, that's not exactly true. What it says is that gay couples, who were given the right to get married back in May of this year, would NO LONGER have that right. (A brief aside: how absurd is it that we had to vote on whether to give them a right that they should JUST FUCKING HAVE in the first place??? Don't think about it too hard or you will wake the dead with your screams.)

Those in FAVOR of Prop 8 include no less a piece of garbage than this lying, worthless idiot...

If for some reason seeing Newt Gingrich lending his support doesn't make you think "I will do the opposite of what he says!", here is a list of just some of the groups who OPPOSE Prop 8 (courtesy of

The proposition is also opposed by both Governor Schwarzenegger, who I LOVED in Twins (no, I'm serious... he opposes it AND I loved that movie), and the next President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. It is also opposed by every living Californian with a heart and supported by every shithead who ever flipped you off after he stole your parking space.

Allow me to sum up:

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