Monday, November 26, 2007

"No, no, no... He's GREAT."

Do you know who this is?...

That's right. It's Academy Award winning actor Martin Landau. A brilliant actor with an amazing and impressive career in films and television.

And this... Graydon Carter. He is the editor of Vanity Fair. Tell me, does he look like a douchebag?

Just kidding. Of course he does.

And he is. I have proof.

Recently, Mr. Carter was a guest programmer on Turner Classic Movies. One of his selections was one of my favorite films of all time: Hitchcock's classic North By Northwest.

Before the film began, Carter sat down with TCM host Robert Osbourne to discuss it. Eventually, Martin Landau came up. (If you haven't seen the movie, Landau plays a creepy, villainous crony of the antagonist James Mason.)

Carter used this opportunity to relate the following story about Martin Landau showing up at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in 1993. (NOTE: It's a little quiet. You may need your headphones.)

Again, this was one year before Landau won an Oscar for his role in Ed Wood - that is, it was 1993. Carter says that Sarah Marks (whoever the fuck that is) says, "Most people haven't seen him in anything in years." Well, Landau had been nominated for his (INCREDIBLE) performance in Crime and Misdemeanors just FOUR YEARS EARLIER in 1989.

I stand uncorrected. The guy's a douche. (You too, Sarah Marks.)


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